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Excavator top rollers – carrier rollers

A wide range of mini excavator carrier rollers also for excavators and tracked dumpers. Aftermarket replacement top roller assemblies that can bolt on and work out cheaper than repairing your old units. A quality alternative to genuine undercarriage parts. This is a small list of some of the part numbers we can offer. For more information on any of these items please contact Part numbers and brand names are used for reference purposes and in no way indicate original equipment parts.


Airman top roller

AX30 AX30-2 AX33MU AX35-1 AX35-2 AX36U AX40 AX40U AX40-2 AX45 AX45-2 AX50U


Bobcat top roller

X428ZTS X430ZTS X430D X430G 430ZHS


Case top roller

CK25 CX27B CK28 C28 MAXI CX28 C31 CX31 CX31B CK32 C35 C35STB CX35 CK36 CX36 CX36B CK38 CX47B C50 CX50 CK50 CX50B CK52 CK62 KAA0954 9007 CX75SR CX80 CX210


Caterpillar carrier roller

302.5 302.5C 303.5 304.5 304CR 305CR E70B 307 307A 307B 307C 307CSB 308C 308BSR 308BCR 1028076 102-8076  308CSB 307D 3081223070 308CCR 311 312 4I7345 4I-7345 320 8E5600 CR5592 6I9396 320B 320BL 320BN 320C 320L 325 330 102-8152 6Y-5323 1028152 6Y5323


Daewoo / Doosan top roller

SOLAR55 SL55 SOLAR 55V SOLAR 55V PLUS SOLAR 70-III SOLAR70-3 DH028 DH50 DH130 2270-1062 DH200LC DH220LC 2270-1005 SOLAR 225LC-V 2270-1005E


Eurocomach top roller



Eurotom carrier roller

T25S TS35S


Fermec / Massey Ferguson top roller

MF128 MF130 MF135


Furukawa top roller

FX040-1 FX040-2 FX026 FX55UR-2


Halla carrier roller



Hanix top roller

H26B H26C H36B H36C H36R H36CR H45A 01003-00100 H50B H50C H55DR H56C H75B H75C H75CCB


Hitachi top roller / Fiat Hitachi top rollers

Excavator top rollers ( top roller assemblies ) to suit Hitachi machines, also known as upper rollers or carrier rollers   EX27U ZX27U EX29UE UE30 EX30 EX30U EX30UR-2 EX30UR-2C EX30UR-3 EX30-2 ZAXIS ZX30 EX32U EX33U EX33MU EX35 EX35-1 EX35-2 EX35U ZAXIS ZX35 ZX35U EX40 EX40-2 EX40U EX40UR EX40UR-2 EX40UR-2C ZAXIS ZX40 ZX40U EX45 EX45-2 EX50 EX50U ZAXIS ZX50 4403459 ZX50U EX55UR EX60LC EX60-1 EX60-2 EX60-3 EX60-5  EX60LC-2 EX60LC-3 EX60LC-5 9153288 9108841 EX60URG-2 EX70U EX75 tracked dumper parts CG45 CG45-3 CG45-III CG45C CG45D CG65 CG65C 1-24340-0011 CG65D CG100 CG110 CG110C top roller assy  CG110D  EX75UR EX75UR-3 EX75UR-5 ZX70 ZX70LC ZX80SB ZX80SBLC ZX75UR ZX75US ZX75US-A ZX85US EX100 9092400 EX100-2 EX100-3 EX100-5 9092400 ZX120 ZX130 EX120-2 9160680 9105752 9061288 EX120-3 9184197 EX120-5 EX200 9105751 9062406 FT2772  EX200-1 EX200-2  9134245 9089636 EX300 EX300-1 9105750 FT2784  EX300-2 9149839 9096966 FH120 FH200 71400947 71400960 FT2744 FT2759


Hyundai carrier roller

R28-7 R35-7 R450 R80-7 R210 R210-3 R290 81E5-2003-KW


IHI top roller

IS25G 25J 25JX IS25S 25NX 25NX-2 IS27F IS27G IS28G 28J IS28LX IS28UX 28N IS30F IS30G 30J 30JX 30NX 30UJ 30Z 30NX-2 30VX 32J IS35F-2 IS35G IS35-2 35GX 35J 35JX 35NX 35NX-2 35N IS40G 40J 40JX 40NX 40NX-2 45J 45J-2 45UJ 45NX 45NX-2 45N IS50G 50NX CCH50T 50Z 50VX 55G 55J 530060800 55J-2 55UJ IS55LX IS55UX 55N 55NX 55VX 65UJ 65NX


JCB carrier roller

802 MAGNUM 8002 SUPER 802.4 802.5 8025ZTS 802.7 PLUS SUPER 802.7Z 803 237/30010 803E 803 PLUS SUPER MAGNUM 8030ZTS 8032Z 8037 8035 804 SUPER PLUS 8040ZTS 8045ZTS 8050 8052 8060 8065ZTS JS70 JZ70 8080 JS130 JS160 JS180 JS220


Kobelco top roller

SK025 SK025-2 SK25 SK25SR SK027 SK030 SK030UR SK30UR-2 SK30UR-3 SK030-2 SK30SR SK30SR-2 SK30SR-3 SK032 SK035 SK035-2 SK35SR SK35SR-2 SK35SR-3 SK40SR SK40SR-2 SK45SR SK45SR-2 SK50UR-2 SK50UR-3 SK50SR-3 SK60 SK60-III SK60-IV SK60-V SK60-3 SK60-4 SK60-5 SK60UR SK70SR SK70SR-IES SK70UR SK75UR SK80CS-IE SK80MSR SK100 SK120 24100N4038F2 SK200 SK220-324100N5946F2 SK220 SK220-2 24100N6194F1 SK200-6 YN64D01022F0 SK300 24100N3841F2 SK300-2 SK300-3 24100N7035F1


Komatsu top roller

PC10-7 PC20-6 PC20-7 PC20MR-1 PC20MRX-1 PC20MR-2 PC20R-8 PC25-1 PC27R-8 PC27MR-2 PC27MR-3 PC27MRX-1 PC28 PC28UU-2 PC30-3 PC30-6 PC30MR-1 PC30MR-2 PC30MR-3 PC30MRX-1 PC30-7 PC30R-8 PC35R-8 top roller PC38R-8 PC35MR-2 PC35MRX-1 PC38UU-2 PC40MR-1 PC40MR-2 PC40MR-3 PC40R-8 PC40-6 PC40-7 PC45-1 PC45R-8 PC45MR-1 PC45MR-3 PC50UU-2 PC50MR-2 PC58UU-3 PC60-3 PC60-5 PC60-7 PC60-7 PC60U-5 PC70-6 PC75R-2 PC75UU-2 PC75UU-3 PC75R-2 PC78US-5 PC78US-6 PC78MR-6 PC78UU-6 PC80MR-3  PC88MR-6 PC95R PC95R-2  21W-30-00090 20T-30-00050 20T-30-00051 PC110R PC120-5 PC100-5 203-30-00150 PC200 PC200-7 20Y-30-00022 22U-30-00021 KM1640 PC300-7 207-30-00430


Kubota top roller

KH28L KH51 KX61 KX61-2 ALPHA KX61-3 KX61-3& KH60 KH66 KX71 KX71-2 KX71-3 KH90 KX91-2 KX91-3 KX91-3A KX91-3& KH101 KX101 KX101-3 KX121-2 RC208-21904 RC208-2190-4 KX121-3 KH151 KX151 KX161-2 KX161-3 ALPHA KH191 KX251  KH026 KH027 KH030 KH033 KX012 KX024 KX026 KX027 KX033 KX040 K013 K015 K022 K025 K028 K030 K035 K038 K040 K045 U20-3 U25-3 U30 U35 U35-3 U45 U45-3RD411-22900 U50-3 RX502


Massey Ferguson carrier roller

MF128 MF130 MF135


Mitsubishi top roller

MM25 MM30 MM30CR MM30SR PA14202 MM35 MM35B MM35T PA2028 MM35 MM45 MM55SR MM40CR MM45B MM55SR MM57SR 120-4673 1204673 MS070 MX30


Morooka top roller – tracked dumper top rollers

MST800 MST800V MST800E MST800VD MST1100 MST1100-3 MST1500 MST1500V MST1500VD 1-24340-0011 carrier roller assembly MST2200 MST2200V MST2200VD MST2000 MST2000-3


Nagano top roller

NS25-2 NS25-3 NS35-3


Neuson carrier roller

2503RD 30003RD 3503RD 3703


New Holland top roller

E27SR-2 E30SR E30-2SR E35SR E35-2SR E40SR EC45 E45SR E45SR-2 E50SR-2 E70SR E70 E70BSR E80 E80MSR E80BMSR


Nissan carrier roller

NS30 NS35


O & K top roller

RH1.45 RH1.48


Pel Job top roller

EB250XT EB300XT EB350XT EB450XT EB506 EB706


Samsung top rollers

SE130LC-3 SE130LC 1081-01670 SE210-3 1030-50030


Schaeff / Terex top rollers

HR18 HR20 TC48 TC60 HR5.0


SMC carrier roller

MX30 MX35 MX50 MX80


Sumitomo carrier rollers

SH35J SH55 S160 S160F S160FJ-2 S160F2B SH60-1 SH60-2 KAA0954 SH60B-1 SH60G-1 SH60H-2 SH60G-2 SH60A-2 SH60B-2 SH656U-1530060800 SH65U-2 SH75 SH75U-2 Top roller SH100 SH120 SH120-1 SH100-2 SH120-2 SH120-3 SH200 SH220 KNA0592 KNA0625 KNA1251 KNA1302


Takeuchi top roller

TB025 TB25FR TB125 TB28FR TB228 TB035 03712-00100 TB135 TB235 TB045 TB145 TB53FR TB153FR TB250 TB070 TB75FR 05612-01100TB175 05612-04080 TB180FR TB80FR 05612-02080 TCR50


Volvo top roller

EC25 EC27C ECR28 EC30 EC35 EC35C ECR38 EC45 EC45 PRO ECR48C EC50 EC55B ECR58 EC55C EC70 ECR88 ECR88 PLUS EC21014527126 14528559 EC290


Yanmar top roller

B17-3 B19 B22 B22-2 B25V B27 B27-2 B3 B3-2 B30V B37 B37V B5 B5-1 B5-2 B50 B50-2 B50V B6 B6-1 B6-2 B6-3 B7-5A C30R-1 C30R C30R-2 C50R VIO15 VIO20 VIO30V VIO40-2 VIO45 VIO50-2 VIO55 VIO70 VIO75 VIO75A VIO75B YB121 YB151 YB201 YB271 YB301 YB351 YB351-2 C30R C50R-3 C50R-3A 772649-37500 E08701-21800