Slew Rings


Slew rings Excavator Slew bearings

Excavator swing bearings, slew rings and swing motors available as new and some reconditioned items.
This is just a small list of some of the part numbers we have supplied recently, please note we can supply the full range of parts, from Slew rings and slew gearboxes to parts for many slew gearboxes. For more information on any of these items please contact  +44 (0) 1787 320313Part numbers and brand names are used for reference purposes and in no way indicate original equipment parts.

Slewing Bearings Komatsu swing ring bearings

PC30-2, PC30(Z=92), PC50-, PC55, PW60-5, PC60-5, PC60-6(Z=76), PC60-6(Z=80), PC60-7(Z=76), PC60-7(Z=80), PC90-6, PC100-5, PC120-5, PC120-6(4D95), PC120-6(4D102), PC150-5, PC150-7, PC20HT,PC180-5K  PC180 21K-25-33100 PC200-1, PC200-2, PC200-3, PC200-5, PC200-8, PC210-7, PC220-3, PC220-5, PC200-6(S6D95), PC200-6(S6D102), PC200-6(S6D102)2, PC200-6(6D102), PC220-6(S6D95), PC220-6(S6D102), PC200-7(Z=110), PC200-7(Z=92), PC220-7(Z=92), PC227, PC228/32FL, PC228/40FL, PC300-2, PC300-3, PC300-5, PC300-6, PC350-6, PC360-7, PC400-1, PC400-3, PC400-5, PC450-5, PC400-6, PC400-7, PC450-6, PC450-7 PC120-6 203-25-62100, PC150-6 21P-25-K1100, PC200-5 20Y-25-11103, PC200-6 20Y-25-21200, PC200-8 206-25-00200, PC220-6 20Y-25-21100, PC220-7 206-25-00301, PC228US-3 22U-25-00201, PC250LC-6 206-25-67101, PC300-5 207-25-51100, PC300-6 207-25-61100, PC400-5 208-25-52101, PC400-6 208-25-61100, PC600-6 21M-25-11100, PC750-6 209-25-71100

Kobelco slew rings

SK03, SK60-5, SK100, SK09, SK120-5, SK200-1, SK200-2, SK200-3, SK200-5, SK200-6, SK210-6E, SK200-8, SK200-8, SK07-1, SK07-2, SK907B, SK07-N2(1), SK07-N2(2), SK235, SK260-8, SK230-6, SK330-3, SK350, SK450-6E

Caterpillar slew motors and slew bearings

E305.5, E306, E70B, E307B, E307C, E308, E110, E120, E200B, E215, E215B, E312B, E320B, E320C, E320D, E320L, E225, E280, E325, E311, E325B, E325C, E330C 330 1843829 1077054 1077054X  311C 229-1077, 311D 229-1077, 312C 299-1077, 312D 299-1077, 320L 7Y1563, 320B 7Y1563, 320C 227-6081, 320D 227-6081, 325C 227-6087, 330B 114-1434, 330C 227-6089, 330D 227-6089, 345B 136-2969, 345BII 227-60094

Kato slew rings

HD250-7, HD307, HD308, HD450-5, HD450-7, HD512, HD513, HD516, HD550, HD100, HD700-2, HD700-5, HD700-7, HD770-1, HD770-2, HD800-7, HD770SE, HD800-5, HD820-3, HD820-1, HD900-7

Sumitomo slew rings

SH60-1, SH120A1, SH120-1, SH120A2, SH120-2, SH120A3, SH120-3, SH120Z3, SH120C3, SH140, SH145, SH200A1, SH200A2, SH200A3, SH200C2, SH200C3, SH2OOZ3, SH220, SH240-5, SH240-3, SH225, SH260, SH265, SH280, SH300-2, SH340, SH350, SH430, SH40T

Doosan / Daewoo slew rings

DH55-3, DH55-5, DH80GO, DH80-7, DH150, DH200-3, DH220-2, DH220-3, DH220-5, DH220-7LC, DH215-7, DH225-7, DH280, DH290, DH300-5, DH300-7, DH10L, DH370-7, DH420, DH320, DH330-3 solar 400LC-V 2109-1060A DX225LC 109-00162 109-00162A

Hyundai slew rings


R55-7, R60-5, R60-7, R80-7, R110-7, R130-5, R130-7, R170-5, R200, R200-5, R210, R210-5, R210-3, R200-7, R210-7, R215-7, R220-5, R225-7, R260LC-7, R290, R300, R305-7, R335-7, R305LC-7, R450-7

JCB slew rings



Case slew rings


9020 1500997A1, 9030 150997A1, 9030B 160434A1, 9040B 159424A1, 9050B 173004A1, CX130 KNB11840, CX210 KRB10160, CX240 KBB10080, CX460 KTB0847 CX130 KNB0782 KNB11840 CX210 KRB10160

John Deere slew rings


490E AT190774, 110 AP33589, 120 AP35548, 135C AP35548, 160LC AT190777, 160CLC 9169646, 653E AT190768, 653G AT190768, 690D AT190768, 690E AT190768, 200LC AT190778, 200CLC 9169646, 2054 9169646, 225C 9196732, 790 AT190770, 790D AT190770, 790E AT190770, 792 AT190770, 792D AT190770, 230LC AT190770, 230CLC AT190770, 270LC AT190770, 270CLC 190770, 892E AT190775, 330LC AT190779, 330CLC AT190779, 370 AT190779, 992D AT190772, 992E AT190772, 450LC AT190772, 450CLC AT190772

Hitachi slew rings

EX80 4376753, EX100-3 9102726, EX100-5 9102726, EX120-2 9102726, EX120-3 9102726, EX120-5 9102726, EX135US 9102726, EX150-5 9146953, EX160-5 9146953, ZX160 9169646, ZX200 9169646, EX200 9102722, EX200-2 9102727, EX200-3 9102727, EX200-5 9102727, ZX225US 9196732, EX220 9154037, EX220-2 9154037, EX220-3 9154037, EX220-5 9154037, EX230-5 9154037, ZX230 9154037, EX270 9154037, EX270-5 9154037, ZX270 9154037, EX300-2 9112188, EX300-3 9112188, EX300-5 9166468, EX330-5 9166468, ZX330 9166468, ZX350 9166468, EX370-5 9166468, ZX370 9166468, EX400 9129521, EX400-3 9129521, EX400-5 9129521, EX450-5, 9129521, ZX450 9129521 EX60-2 EX60-3 EX60-5 EX75UR-5 EX200 EX200-2 EX200-3  EX200-5  9177017 4272342 4376653 4376753 4437132 ZX70 EX40-1, EX60-1, EX60-2, EX60-3, EX60-5, EX75, EX90, EX100-1, EX120-1, EX120-2, EX120-3, EX120-5, EX200-1, EX200-2, EX200-3, EX200-5 9148123 slew ring , EX210-5, EX220-5, EX300-1, EX300-2, EX400-1, EX300-3, EX400-3, EX300-5, ZX60, ZAX70, ZX120, ZX200, ZX210, ZX200-3, ZX200, ZX210, ZX225U, ZX230, ZX240, ZX270, ZX330, ZX350, ZX350-5, ZX450H, UH063

Kobelco slew rings

SK60III 2425U232F1, SK60IV 2425U261F1, SK70SR 2425U252F1, SK100III 24100N7529F1, SK100IV 24100N7529F1, SK115DZIV 24100N7529F1, SK115SR 24100N7529F1, SK120LCIII 24100N7529F1, SK120LCIV LP40FU0001F1, SK120LCV YW40F00001F1, SK130LCIV LP40FU0001F1, SK135SR 24100N7529F1, SK200LCIII 24100N7440F1, SK200LCIV 24100N7440F1, SK210LCVI YN40F00004F1, SK210LC-6E YN40F00019F1, K909LCII 24100N4118F1, SK220LCIII 24100N7441F1, SK220LCIV 24100N7441F1, SK220LCVI LQ40FU000F1, SK250LC-6E LC40F00009F1, SK270LCIV 2425U262F1, SK290LCVI LC40F00003F1, SK290LC-6E LC40F00009F1, SK300LCIII 2425U262F1, SK300LCIV LQ40FU0001F1, SK330LCVI LC40F00009F1, SK330LC-6E LC40F00009F1, SK350-8 LC40F00018F1, SK400LCIII 2425U340F1, SK400LC-IV LS40FU0001F1

Linkbelt slew rings

130LX KNB11840, LS-2700C-II KRB0374, 210X KRB10160, LS-2800C-II KRB0787, 2800Q KRB1643, 3400Q KBB0413, 240LX KBB10080, 4300Q C8B0169, 460LX KTB0847

Samsung slew rings

SE210LC-3 1155-00061

Volvo slew rings

EC210 1155-00061, EC210B 14505766, EC330B 14563350, EC360B 14563350 EC210BLC 1055-01500 1055-01470

Hitachi slew gearbox parts

2024086 Top Planetary Complete 2024936 Bottom Planetary Complete 3039391 Sun Gear 4193120 Slew Box Seal 4193803 Top Bearing 937460 Bottom Bearing 2024937 Gear Ring (Top) 2024077 Gear Ring (Bottom) Hitachi slew motor parts Sun gear 4397237 carrier assy 4397247 ring gear 4397254 Main shaft 4397238 washer XJDB-00202 Carrier assy XJDB-00217 pin XJDB-00216 plate

Takeuchi Slew rings

19130-04650 TB175 slew ring 19130-04950 TB175 slew bearing