Pins & Bushes

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Mini digger Pins and Bushes

Excavator pins bushes shims seals bucket links and tipping links are just a few of the items we can offer also weld on bosses to suit many excavators. Please use the attached diagram to identify the locations required and then contact us for best prices and availability, massive savings on genuine prices on many models

This is just a small list of some of the part numbers we have supplied recently, please note we can supply the full range of parts, for more information on any of these items please contact us.  Part numbers and brand names are used for reference purposes and in no way indicate original equipment parts.

Case pins & bushes

CX75SR bucket pins KAV2551 KAV2252 166466A1 seals LKU0044 bushes

Daewoo Pins & Bushes

SOLAR 55 PLUS location 2/8/9/10/11/12 and bucket link

JCB Pins & Bushes

801.5 location 8/9/10/11 pins and bushes, JRV0594 KRV1128 top hat bushes KHV0101 seals JRV0598 JRV0077 KRV0531 bushes 123/06189 wear strips 123/03215 wear strips KRV1120 KRV1121 LKU0044 location 8 KNV0232 JS130 pin JS130 bucket pin 8082132
JS180 pins and bushes JLV1800 JLV1799 JLV0084 JLV0085 KHV0098 KHV0101 KHV0114 KHV0099

Hitachi pins and bushes

4272706 bushing 4094087 seal dust 4117955 seal dust 4273542 bushing 4273542 bushing 4117955 seal dust 4237801  o-ring  4294886  shim 4294885shim EX16 and ZX16

Komatsu pins bushes and seals

PC14R 07020-00000 Fitting, Grease  22l-09-R2290 Pin – Safety  20n-70-11280 Shim 30 X 1 07000-05052 O-Ring 707-76-30370 Bushing 07145-00030 Dust Seal 707-76-30360 Bushing 22k-70-21540 Seal 22j-70-r5410 Bracket 07145-00030 Dust Seal 22j-70-16553 Pin 07020-00000 Fitting, Grease 209-54-14650 Washer 01010-81225 Bolt 01643-31232 Washer 20n-70-11280 Shim 30 X 1 22k-70-21580 Spacer 22l-09-r2760 Pin 22j-70-25142 Bushing 07145-00035 Dust Seal 22j-70-25160 Pin Ass’y 22J-70-25181 Pin Ass’y  20n-70-11280 Shim 30 X 1 20n-70-41270 Shim, 1.000 mm 22j-70-r5151 Pin 22j-70-16490 Spacer 22j-70-r5420 Pin  22j-70-25470 Spacer 22j-70-25460 Spacer 01011-81050 Bolt 22j-70-25260 Pin Ass’y 20n-70-11280 Shim 30 X 1 22j-70-25231 Bushing  07145-00030 Dust Seal 22k-70-21540 Seal 22j-70-25530 Link 20m-70-r4110 Lever, R.H. 20m-70-r1471

42N-856-2220 pin

707-76-55570 bush 707-76-50930 Pin

Kobelco Pins Bushes and seals

Kobelco SK007-3 pins bushes and seals at locations 8/9/10/11 dipper end kit is also available PE12B01074P1

Kubota Pins & Bushes

KX61-2 location 9 weld on Boss pins and bushes – KX61-3 KX71-3 greased bucket pins location 9/11

Takeuchi pins & bushes

TB145 bucket link pins and bushes locations 1 / 8 / 9 /10 / 11, TB125 pins and bushes at  all locations many options on these so please give serial numbers

Volvo pins bushes and seals

EC20B pins and bushes 9 & 11 EC55B kingpost pin and bushes at location 12 upper middle and lower


Bush 100mm x 115mm x 105mm case hardened and through greased 60mm x 70mm x 52mm long,  60mm x 70mm x 45mm long
Dust seals 35x45x4 30x40x4 07145-00035 855661151 dust seal 07145-00030
Bushing 07144-10303  30x40x30 30x40x40 35x45x45 50x60x38

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