Mini Digger Spares


We are one of the few companies that can offer a full selection of spares for many different brands such as Airman – Ammann – Ausa – Bobcat – Case – CNH – Caterpillar – Daewoo – Doosan – Fiat- Hitachi – Fermec – Hymac – Hanix – Hyundai – Hitachi – IHI – JCB – John Deere – Kubota – Kobelco – Komatsu – Massey Ferguson – Mitsubishi – Nissan – New Holland — Neuson – Pel-job – Samsung – Sumitomo – Schaeff – Sany –Terex – Takeuchi – Volvo – Yanmar

How can we help you?

  • Competitive pricing
  • Complete range of genuine and aftermarket parts available
  • Honest and reliable service
  • An answer to every problem! Just try us you’ll be amazed


We cover all common digger parts including

  • Sprockets
  • Idlers
  • Top rollers
  • Bottom rollers
  • Stop solenoids
  • Rubber tracks
  • Final drives
  • Final drive spares
  • Rubber pads
  • Slew rings
  • Ignition switches
  • Air Filters
  • Fuel filters
  • Oil filters
  • Hydraulic filters
  • Fuel caps
  • Seal kits
  • Bucket Pins
  • Bushes
  • Tipping links
  • Bucket links
  • Exhaust silencers
  • Cab glass
  • Breaker points
  • Breaker chisels
  • Brake pads
  • Clutch plates
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Gasket kits
  • Cables throttle and handbrake
  • Parts books
  • Operators books
  • Tyres
  • Steel track groups
  • Engine parts
  • Electrical items
  • Travel motors
  • Turbos
  • Bucket teeth
  • Buckets


Just a few of the models of machines that we can offer parts for include

Bobcat : E08 E10 E80 316 231 320 322 323 328 325 331 334


Case : CK13 CK15 CK25 CK28 CK31 CK36 CK38 CK50 CK52 CK56 CX14 CX15B CX16B CX17B CX18B CX20B CX22B CX26B CX27B CX28 CX31 CX31B CX35 CX36 CX75SR CX75CSR CX80 CX80B CX80C 9007 9010 9010B CX130 CX130B CX135 CX135SR CX210 CX230 CX240B


Doosan : DX55 DX60R DX62 DX63-3 DX80R DX85R-3 DX140LC DX140LC-3


New Holland : E09SR E16B E18B E18SR E20.2SR E22.5SR E26BSR E27.2SR E29BSR E45 E70 E70B E75C E80MSR E115 E135SR E215 E230CSR


Hanix : H15 H15A N150 N24 N300-2 N350 N450 H15X H15A H29A H35A H45 H50 H50B H50C H56C H75A H75B H75C


Hyundai : R16 R55-3 R55-7 R55-9 R80-7 R80CR-9 R110 R130LC-3


IHI : 12JX 16N 18NXT 20JX 25NX 25N 25NX-2 25VX 25VX-2 28N 28NX 30NX 35N 35NX 35G 40G 45N 55N 60N IS65G 65NX 80NX


JCB : MICRO 801 801.4 801.5 801.6 8014 8015 8016 8017 8018 802 8025 8027 8030 8032 803 8030ZTS 8050 8052 8055ZTS 8060 8065 8080 8085 JS70 JS130 JS145 JS150 JS160 JS180 JS200 JS220 JS330


Kobelco : SK13SR SK15SR SK17SR SK20SR SK20SR-2 SK25SR-2 SK30SR SK032 SK35SR-1 SK35SR-2 SK30SR SK45SR SK50UR SK03 SK60 SK70SR SK80SR SK100 SK120 SK130 SK135SR SK200


Komatsu : PC05-6 PC05-7 PC07-1 PC09-1 PC12R PC12R-8 PC14R PC15MRX PC15R PC15R-2 PC16R PC16R-8 PC18MR PC20MR PC20MR-2 PC20-6 PC20 PC20-6 PC20-7 PC20R-8 PC28UU-1 PC28UU-2 PC30-6 PC35MR-2 PC35R-8 PC38UU PC40-6 PC45R-8 PC45-1 PC50UU-1 PC50UU-2 PC55MR-3 PC60-5 PC75 PC75UU PC95R-2 PC100 PC120 PC128 PC128UU PC128UU-8


Kubota : K008 K008-3 KX36 KX36-2 KX36-3 KX41 KX41-2 KX41-3 KX015-4 KX016-4 KX017-4 KX018-4 KX019-4 KX022 K030 K038 KX040 K040 KX101 KX101-3 KX61 KX61-2 KX61-3 KX71 KX71-2 KX71-3 KX91 KX91-2 KX91-3 KX121-3 KX121-2 KX040 KX151 KX161 KX161-2 KX251 KX251 ALPHA KX080-4 KX080-3 U10 U10-3 U15-3 U20 U20-3 U25-3 U35 U35-3 U45-3 RX301 RX302 RX303


Neuson : 1402 1402RD 1403 1404 1502 1502RD 1503 1503RD 1702 1703 1902 1903 2200RD 2503 2503RD 2702RD 28Z3 3003RD 3402RD 3602RD 38Z3 5001 50Z3 6002RD 8002 8003 75Z3 12002


Takeuchi : TB14 TB014 TB015 TB15 TB15FR TB016 TB020 TB23FR TB025 TB035 TB23R TB125 TB228 TB135 TB235 TB35S TB36 TB045 TB23R TB125 TB228 TB135 TB235 TB35S TB36 TB045 TB145 TB153FR TB070 TB80FR TB175 TB180FR


Terex : HR12 HR13 HR14 HR15 TC20 TC35 TC75 805R


Volvo : EC14 EC15 EC25 ECR28 EC30 EC45 EC50 EC55 EC55B EC55C EC70 EC135 EC140 EC140B EC210 EC210B


Yanmar : B08 B08-3 B12 B12-3 B15 B15-3 B17-2 B19 B22V B25V B27 B27-2 B3U B37 B37V B50 B50V B7-3 B7U VIO15 VIO20 VIO30 VIO17 VIO17-3 VIO25 VIO35 VIO35-2 VIO40 VIO45 VIO50 VIO55 VIO70 VIO75 VIO80

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