Hydraulic Pumps


Hydraulic items

We can offer a wide variety of construction equipment parts including many hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors.

Nachi hydraulic pumps. Mower hydraulic pumps – Bomford Hayter, Howard Price Jacobsen John Deere, Ransomes Sabo Roberine Taarup Teagle Toro & Turner Komatsu pumps

Recent repair A10VD43 – Replace both rotary groups, swash plate thrust plates, bearings, reseal and test – A £1650.00 done in 4-5 days. 401-00421A EC033S95290 hydraulic pump repair for Doosan machine.

Cat hydraulic pump 8J8813 9T4831

5350127 PNNN7+7+6DSC46RPR5-6G Pel-Job EB12.4 hydraulic pump

A40006409 E5350051 EB22.4 Pel job Hydraulic pump 01011213 7097366 E5350009 P1AAN2008HA2008HA2004HL30BNS 5HP3/40082PEL

PVD-0B-18P-6G3 Nachi 9+9+6, 4+2,7 101.6mm teeth 13 hydraulic pump

PVD-0B-24P-6G3 Nachi 12+12+6, 4+2,7 101.6mm teeth 13 hydraulic pump

PVD-1B-32P-11G5 Nachi 16+16+10, 5+4,5 101.6mm teeth 13 hydraulic pump

PVD-2B-40P-16G5 Nachi 20+20+16+4.5 101.6mm hydraulic pump ZX50 13 Teeth + 21.8 mm SHAFT

PVD-3B-54P-18G5 27+27+18+4.5 127mm teeth 15 Nachi hydraulic pump

AP2D25/27 T5VP2D27 27.5+27.5+18.2+4.5 101.6mm teeth 13 Doosan Daewoo Tong Myung hydraulic pump

AP2D36LV3RS7 36+36+8.9 127mm teeth 14 Uchida Rexroth







PSV2-52T  Hydraulic pump PSV2-60T 20640-44021 JLJ0231 Hydraulic pump JS160W

14x-49-11600 hydraulic pump

Cat hydraulic pump 6E4182 9J0809

new range of OEM hydraulic pumps are now available 20/900400 20/925327 20/915900 JCB sanderson ABP3002370 Thwaites T2586 04/500217 Case R29995 Sanderson 550277 20/925000 JCB hydraulic pumps 20/925020 sanderson 502165 Manitou hydraulic pump 136353 Ford E4NN7A103AA Massey ferguson 530718M91 Turner 69127 Manitou pump 109989 New Holland 85813676 Case pump 6190852M91 cat 6Y-3864 6Y3864 Manitou 109989 31049973 Graziano Turner 69127 109989 Manitou 85813676 6190852M91 504800 Hydraulic pump 1217385 9W-5426 68800 20/925552 181199A4 119994A1 580K hydraulic pump