Hanix Diggers

Nissan Nagano and now Hanix are well known brands in Japan all coming from the same quality manufacturer. Originating from the Handozer Industry Ltd co in 1963 they were one of the first true 360 excavators built in Japan . The Reliable Japanese technology has lasted right though the global turmoil and is now thriving in the Uk once again. We can offer Hanix spare parts at discounted price for many of the model sold over the years.


Nissan Hanix NKK Nagano digger parts UK


Some of the model we cover include

2700RD, H05, H08, H08A H08B, H08-2, H80 H80-2, H12A, H15A<1996, H15A1996>, H15B H15B-Plus, H15B-2, H22A H24A, H22B, H25B H26B, H25B H26B, H27, H29A H30A, H35A H36A, H36C H36B H36R, H36CR, H45A, H50B, H56C, H75C, H75B, H151, M12A/15B, Minicrane, NH070, NH120, N050, N060, N080/-2, N20, N120 N120-R, N120-2, N150/R, N150-2, N220/R, N220-2, N230-2, N250/R, N250/R, N250-2, N260-2, N300 N300-R, N300-2, N320, N350/R, N350-2, N400-9, N450, N450-2, RK15, RT50D, RT50D-3, RT100B3/D3, RT300, RT400, RT800, RT1000, SB12/R, SB15/R, SB15RC, SB20, SB20SR, SB25, SB25-2, SB30, SB45, SB115, SB220, SB225, SB330, SB480, SB550/580, SB800/2, TP50-D, X1, YB10, YFW5D-1 H09D H17D H27DR H36CR H55DR N085UJ