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steel track groups, steel pads, nuts & bolts, rubber tracks, track links track repair links, rubber pads, direct to chain pads, roadliner pads, track adjusters, final drives, travel motors, sprockets, top rollers, bottom rollers, idlers, steel track chains.


cylinder linings, crankshafts, engine bearings, , exhaust mufflers, exhaust silencers, inlet gaskets, exhaust valves, inlet manifolds, exhaust manifolds, engine mountings,  injection pumps, injectors, glow plugs, stop solenoids, fan belts, air con belt, oil seals, flywheels, thermostats, water pumps, radiators, oil coolers, fuel lift pumps, turbochargers, top gasket kits, bottom gasket kits, gasket and gasket sets, cylinder head gaskets, valves, valve guides rocker cover gaskets, oil pumps, pistons and pins, piston rings, water pumps, short and long blocks.


grading buckets,  riddle buckets, crusher buckets, bucket teeth, bucket side cutters, hydraulic pumps, torque converters, front hubs, gears, front and rear differentials, power track rods, slew motors, slew rings, transmissions,  kingpost, kingpost carriage, pinion shafts, tipping links, bucket links, banana links, pin & bush kits, digging buckets, trenching buckets, ditching buckets.


pins, bushes, pivot bushes, pivot pins, bucket pins, spacers, o-rings, circlips, retaining clips, seal kits, bearings, seals, hydraclamp seals, washers, shims.


oil filters, fuel filters, air filters, air conditioning filters, hydraulic filters, sediment filters, sediment bowls, rain hats, air filter box assemblies, water separator filters, gas struts, mirrors, mirror arms, flashing beacons,  panels, steps, gab glass, door glass, kick pane glass, hydraulic pump drive shafts, universal joints, UJ’s, front and rear propshafts, operators books, maintenance books, parts books, sticker kits, decals, brake calipers, handbrake pads, seats, friction discs, hydraulic oil, engine oil, antifreeze, lithium grease, xenon rotating beacons, indicator lights, front lights, work lights, fog lights, rear lights, handbrake switches, forward and reverse levers, column switches, engine temperature switches, transmission switches, solenoids, ignition switches, ignition keys, counter plates, friction plates, layshafts, handbrake pads, brake master cylinders, handbrake cables, throttle cables, choke cables, mudguards, engine side panels.

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Excavator model numbers

Excavator, wheeled loaders and dumper spare parts including some of the makes and models below. We can supply cheap digger parts for including seal kits filters rubber tracks steel track chains steel track groups rollers upper rollers bottom rollers idler assemblies sprockets hoses idlers cab glass buckets and attachments water pumps air conditioner units mirrors pins and bushes tyres alternators starter motors engine parts and other spare parts for the following models (just a small selection of the ones we cover)


  • AIRMAN  AX08 AX10 AX12 AX12-2 AX15 AX15-2  AX16 AX17 AX17-2 AX17-2N AX22 AX22-2  AX25 AX25-2  AX29U AX32U  AX30 AX30-2  AX33MU AX35-1 AX35-2 AX36U AX40 AX40U AX45 AX45-2 AX50U
  • ATLAS COPCO 404 604 604-2
  • BOBCAT  E08 E10 X119 X120 X220 X316 X320C X320D X320G X322C X322D X322G X323 X125 X225 X325 S300
  • CASE 580K 580SK 580SLE 580SM 590SLE 590SM 9007 9013 9033 9046 CX15 CX30 CX35 CX50 C50 CX80 CX130 CX135 CX210
  • CATERPILLAR 302.5 303.5 303CR 304.5 304CR 305CR 305SR E70B 307 307B 307C 307SSR 308 308B 308C 308BCR 308BCR 311 311B 311C 311BSR 311BSR 312 313 313BSR 313BCR E110B E120B
  • DAEWOO SOLAR 030 035 DH040 DH50 SOLAR 55V
  • FERMEC 150
  • IHI  7J IS10G 12G 12JX 15J 17JE 18J 28J 35J 30NX 40NX 45NX 55J  IS28G IS25G IS25J 27G IS28GX-2 IS30G IS30J IS30GX IS30F IS30F-2 IS35G IS35GX-2 IS35J IS35JX IS40G IS50G IS55J  IC30 IC45 IC70 IC100
  • JCB 3C 3C-II 1CX 2CX 3CX 3CX-4 PROJECT 8 3CX PROJECT 12  3CX PROJECT 24 4CX 520-50 525-67 530-70 535-140 540-70 801 801.4 801.5 801.6 8015 8016 802 802ZTS 803 803.4 8050 8052 8060 8080 JS70 JZ70 JS110 JS130 JS145 JS150 JS160 JS175 JS180 JS200 JS210 JS220 JS240 JS260 JS300 JS330 JS450HD
  • KUBOTA K008 K008-3 KX36 KX36-2 KX36-3 KX41 KX41G KX41-2 KX41-3 K030 K035 KH014 KH90 KH101 KX61 KX61-2 KX61-3 KX71 KX71-2 KX71-3 KX91 KX91-2 KX91-3 KX101 KX101-3 KX121-2 KX161-2 K035 K040 KX040 K045 KX045 KX151 KX151-3 KX161-3 KX080-3 U15 U20 U20-3 U30 U35 U35-3 U40 U40-3 U45 U45-3 RX501 RX502 RX503  RG15Y RG15 RG30 RG60
  • KOMATSU PC09 PC12 PC10AVR PC15-3 PC15-3A PC15AVR PC15R-8 PC15MR-1 PC20 PC20-1 PC20-2 PC20-3 PC20-4 PC20-5 PC20-6 PC20-7 PC20-7AR PC25-1 PC25R-1 PC25AVR  PC27R-8 PC30-6 PC35R-8 PC30AVR PC35MR-1  PC28-1 PC28-2 PC30-7 PC30R-8 PC30-7 PC38-2 PC38UU-3 PC38MU-2 PC38UU-2 PC40-7   PC40MR-1 PC40R-8 PC45 PC45R-8 PC45AVR PC50UU-2 PC50-2AV  PC50-2 PC60-3 PC60-4 PC60-5 PC60-6  PC60-7 PC70-6 PC70-7 PC75-1  PC75-2 PC75-3  PC75UU PC75UU-3  PC75R PC75-2 PC78US PC75-3 PC80-1 PC80-2 PC80-3 PC90  PC90AR PC95 PC100-3 PC100-4 PC100-5 PC100-6 PC100UU-2 PC100UU-3 PC120-3 PC120-4 PC120-5 PC120-6 PC120-6E PC100-7 PC128  PC128US-1 PC138US D20-6  CD30R CD60R CD110R WA65-3
  • KOBELCO SK007 SK007-3 SK09 SK09SR SK015 SK15SR SK024 SK30SR SK30SR-1 SK30SR-2 SK35SR SK30SR SK35SR SK032 SK035 SK40SR SK40SR-2 SK45SR-2 SK60 SK60-II SK60-III SK70SR SK75 SK75UR SK75UR-3 SK80MSR SK100 SK100-1 SK100-2 SK100-3 SK120 SK120-2 SK120-3 SK115SR SK13SR SK135SR SK200LC-3 SK200SR SK210 SK210-IV SK210LC SK235SRLC SK220LC-3 SK250 SK250-IV SK250LC-DA SK300LC SK330 SK330-IV SL330LC-DA SK480LC-DA SK460LC-4 
  • HITACHI EX05 EX05-2 EX08 EX08-2 ZX08 EX10U EX15 EX15-2 EX15U EX20UR EX20UR-2 EX22-2  EX25 EX25-2  EX30 EX30UR-1  EX30-2 EX32U EX33U EX33MU EX35-1 EX35-2 EX40 EX40U EX40-2 EX40UR EX40UR-2 EX45-2 EX50U UE50 EX55UR EX55UR-2 EX55UR-3 EX58MU EX60  EX60-1 EX60-2 EX60-3 EX60UR EX60-5 EX60LC-5 EX70LC-5 EX75 EX75UR EX75UR-3 EX75UR-5 EX80-5 EX100 EX100-2 EX100-3 EX100-5 EX120 EX120-2  EX120-3 EX120-5 EX130H-5 EX165LC EX200 EX355 FH450 EX455 ZAXIS MODEL ZX12 ZX15 ZX30 ZX40 ZX50 ZX60 ZX75 ZX70 ZX75US ZX80 ZX100 ZX110 ZX120 ZX130 ZX135 ZX210-3 EG70R EG110R
  • HANIX H08A H08B H09D H12A H15A H15B H15B-2 H16D H17D H22A H22B H24A H25B H26B H26C H29A H30A H35A H36A H35B H36B H36C H36CR H50B H55DR H56C H75B H75C N11SS N120 N150-2 N21SS N230-2 N260 N260-2 N300-2 N30SS N31 N35 N350 N350-2 N41 N41SS N450 S&B15 S&B150 S&B20 S&&B25 S&B30 S&B300 S&B30SS S&B550
  • HINOWA HP800
  • HYUNDIA 55-3 55-7 R190 R290 
  • MOROOKA MST300VD MST500 MST600 MST700 MST800 MST800E MST800VD MST1100 MST1100V MST1500 MST1500V MST1500VD MST2000 MST2000V MST2000VD MST2200 MST2200V MST2200VD 
  • MITSUBISHI BS3F BD2F D3B MM20 MM30T  MM30 MM30CR MM30CR-2 MM30SR MM35B MM35T MS020 MXR30 MS030 MS035 MXR35 MM40 MM40SR MM40T MM45 MM45T  MM45B MM40CR MM40CR-2 MM55SR MM55SR MM55SR-2 MM57SR LD400 LD700 LD1000 LD1000B LD1000C LD1000D
  • MOXY
  • NISSAN N120-2 N150-2 N350-2 
  • PEL JOB SIRIUS PLUS EB10 EB12 EB12.4 EB14.4 EB16.4 EB22.4 EB25.4 EB30.4 LS286 EB150 EB200 EB306 EB406 EB506 EB706 
  • SAMSUNG SE130 SE130-2
  • SMC MX14.1
  • SUMITOMO S160 S160B S160B-2 S160F S160F2 SH60-1 SH60-2 SH60B-2 SH60H-2 SH60G-2  SH75 SH75UU SH75UU-2 SH100 SH100-2 SH100-3 SH120 SH120-2 SH120-3 SH135U SH145-1
  • TAKEUCHI TB08 TB14 TB15 TB015 TB16 TB016 TB020 TB25 TB125 TB045 TB145 TB070 TB175 TB80FR TB180FR 
  • VOLVO A25 A30 A35 A40 EC14 EC15 EC20 EC25 EC30 EC35 EC45 EC55 EC55B EC70 ECR58 ECR88 EC140 EC140 EC160 EC210 EC240 EC290 EC330 EC360 EC460 EC700 EW160 EW180 L50 L60 L70 L90 L110 L120 L150 L180 L220 L330
  • YAMAGUCHI  WB351 WB04 WB05 WB06 WB06DB WB06DHL WB07 WB12H WB16H  
  • YANMAR B08 B08-3 B15 B15-3 B27B B5 B50 B50- B50V C8R C10R C12R C30R C30R-1 C30R-2 C50R C50R-1 C60R C60R-1 C80R C80R-1 C120R SV08 VIO20 VIO20-2 VIO27-2 VIO27-3 VIO27 VIO27V VIO30 VIO30-2 VIO30-3 VIO30-5  VIO30V VIO35 VIO35-3 VIO35F-B B3 B3-5 B3Z B3Z-3 B3Z-5 VIO40 VIO40-2 VIO40-3 VIO50 VIO50-2 VIO55 B6-3 B7 B7-3 VIO70  SV100