Dumper spares

Wheeled dumper spare parts

UK Construction parts can offer a wide range of wheeled dumper spare parts for Ausa, Barford, Benford, Terex, Thwaites, Volvo and Winget dumpers. Common Items such as centre pivot kits and clutches are all available for next day delivery. We can also offer all other dumper parts including ITL Spicer and Newage transmission parts for 40M 85M COM-T4-2012 and COM-T4-2026 transmissions.


Volvo articulated dump truck repair service for torque converters, we have the ability to repair 305mm 343mm 350mm 400mm 450mm and 11″ units, this would include replacement of clutch plates, bearings, impellor hub and seals. We check the condition of the welded parts, lock-up piston operation and final balance, so your unit is in tip top condition ready to work in only a few days at a fraction of the cost of a new unit.


Most parts are available from simple items such as -o- rings bearings seals to gearboxes dropboxes, engines and axles


This is just a small list of some of the part numbers we have supplied recently, please note we can supply the full range of parts, for more information on any of these items please contact us. Part numbers and brand names are used for reference purposes and in no way indicate original equipment parts.


Ausa dumper parts

45.00408.34 45.00408.44 603.08010.86 44.00706.03 401.02020.60 01.00514.02 901.08000.33 28.00319.10 28.00318.10 45.00408.56 45.00408.46 45.00408.45 45.00408.59 45.00408.51 45.00408.29 45.00408.40 45.00408.57 45.00408.41 08.99500RE09 01.30000.02 81.00223.03 80.02001.00 81.00062.36 80.02028.00 81.00061.15 81.11101.30 81.90051.56 81.00062.29 81.00061.14 10.00201.00 81.00223.01 81.00223.02  40M167 40M129 40M150 40M231 40M162 40M160 40M161 d150rm 01.30000.00  150dh oil filter 81.00053.02  150dh fuel filter 80.06062.01 150dh injector 81.00223.03 175rms seal kit 08.99500re09


Benford dumper parts / Barford dumper parts

40M852SA gear lever  8000-3455 0561404 bearing  85M814 input shaft  40M801 stud  85M899 selector fork  2/3 40M231 stud 85M898 selector fork  1/REV 0563002 bearing  CP1377 0400163 double seal L 0514015 0562002 40M167 seal 40M169 gasket  70M807 TR1100 1521-1267 silencer CM2103 CM2084 180912 70M806 spacer washer  0330400 LD130 steel ball  P264116-19 CM2537 shield  CM2052 0512030 8000-4259 anti start module 1049796 Y04021 G2000 / 16W171 0430243 0020600 CM2052 0522461 40M143 40M167 40M796 gear lever 40M129 gear lever cover 40M254 retainer pins 40M133 gear knob


1595-1095 cable 1583-1200 1586-1420 fuel cap 1586-1428 cap 1592-1070 APB3002261


8000-3455 P26411619 Forward and reverse lever benford 1996 on F/R 8000-3455 barford terex forward and reverse lever 8000-4569 handle assy 8000-4569C cable 8000-4569L 180912  lever 56827 Thrust bearing 46890


Neuson dumper parts

1000124747 1000162229 100124050 100125462 1000113203 1000113202


Thwaites dumper spares

T14058 T1T12171 T6551 T4539 T4455 T7090 T6467 T3112 T12172 T4520 T6551 T10325 T11361 T10160 T10323 T6705 T6550 T12235 T15539 T4520 T15749 T6657 T6875 T7095 T6551 T6783  T14917 T12597 T8742 T7090 T11361 T5020 T10143 T7464 T6877 T11247 T10160 T10331 T8327 T10323 T10325 T7631 T6799 T6768 T10324 T4520 T12172 T4539 T4531 T3112 T4403 T7625 T7630 T6467 T7628 T14455 T100628 KIT320 T6550 T12235 T4520 T7095 T6551 T6705 T15539 T15749 T6657 T6875 T6783  Forward and reverse lever thawites pre 1995 5-6ton dumper T4403 T4525 T4307 = T7631 T15476 T13362 T4483 T4430 T4481 T4468 T4429 T4428 T7977 T6738 T7717 T4482 T6673 T6705 T6550 T12235 T15539 T4520 T15749 T6657 T6875 T7095 T6551 T6783 T51840 T16586 T13858 T14079 T14098 T18959 T12694 T9775 T6745 T19087 T6951 T6847=T11345 T18994 T18985 T7987 T100223 T13289 T10540 T100015 STEERING COLUMN T100496 STEERING WHEEL & CAP Mach 474 T102033 T54425 T101956 radiator


85M7125 seal kit for tip ram T3153 seal kit for steering ram T7532


Terex dumper parts 

8000-3455 forward and reverse lever 8000-3443 stop