UK Construction Parts are a leading retailer of new aftermarket CAT parts. We have over 20 years of background experience in the supply of spare parts for Caterpillar machines and we are probably one of the foremost suppliers in this area. We can also supply genuine CAT parts at competitive prices.


We can dispatch parts worldwide, with well organised delivery and transport arrangements. From small Royal Mail deliveries to complete trailer loads to any location, each order is treated with the same detail to ensure you get what you need when you need it. We will let you know as your delivery leaves us and when it is expected with you, keeping you informed at every step of the way. We also offer a wholesale spares service if required.


Here you will find some numbers we can supply that do not fit into a particular heading. This is just a small list of some of the part numbers we have supplied recently, please note we can supply the full range of Caterpillar parts, for more information on any of these items please call us. Part numbers and brand names are used for reference purposes and in no way indicate original equipment parts.


6Y5685 9W9353 CR5926/49 CR5350/49 Track link assemblies 1A1135 4K0367 1R0716 1R0749 1R0756 1R0726 6V0329 6V0330 9G8639 9G8638 1B3978 1564593 9G9183 2R0098 1P9005 2S4078 3K0360 9H3360 8E2748 2694739 6V0327 6V0328 9W6686 1M9011 9G8637 2291077 7X2554 859310 1484685 5S6670 1672323 7W5095 8D5347 8D5344 9Y1723 1067131 1085751 1118010 1590927 1H5728 6K9316 2S30029 1313736 1289656 4P2942 4W5359 5P5045 5T2925 6I8911 8A2305 8D2469 8D5286 8N9023 4M6107 1757898 7J0204 2017743 7W3200 5S9022 2W1734 1425867 6D2348 7X2825 8P2051 8M4992 7C0570 3T8706 1672304 3S5496 5J5402 1672319 5J8300 8C9127 1672324 1672317 1H7339 2246638 4T6780 6J2797 8C9124 8N0702 8N7294 6I1346 6V8042 1D4614 1727766 1727767 5H0047 9D1142 9W6668 9G5313 1313737 6Y2027 8D1819 9T5916 3P0892 1226658 8E6258 8E6259 6I4689 4P8915 4P8915 7G7212 6Y4898 8E9805 6Y5685 6Y2754 9K9476 1179676 9R9477 1179675

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