Buckets and Teeth

Digger buckets, and attachments


Digger buckets, digger teeth and replacement bucket teeth for excavators we offer a wide selection for everyone from 6″ trench buckets to 4′ re-handling buckets, riddle buckets, ditching buckets, heavy duty rock buckets, demolition buckets, tilt grading buckets, V ditch forming buckets to name but a few.



We can also offer a wide range of agricultural attachments including weld on brackets, bale spikes, buckets, muck forks, stockman’s grabs, fork and grapples, quick hitches, root crop buckets, pallet fork and frames, bale tines and tine rails. Other attachments in our range include tipping skips, fly jibs, man platforms or man baskets, pallet fork carriages, pallet forks and pallet fork extension tines.



Specialist attachments we can also offer include hammers or breakers, excavator thumbs, rippers, excavator forks, backfill blades, heavy duty rakes, grabs, grapples and pulverisers.  We can also supply Martin heavy duty buckets, quick hitches and bucket teeth.


Telehandler buckets from 1 cubic metre to 3 cubic metre in size, forks fly jibs and anything else you could possibly want to attach to your machine just ask and we can offer you a competitive quote for any item including replacement wear parts


Digger bucket teeth

Most buckets have teeth fitted and there are a thousand and one variations of these, if you need some help identifying yours or you know what you need and just want a great price, give us a call.


Some common teeth we offer with great prices include long tip, heavy duty long tip, short tip, wide tip (clay spade). Penetration tip, single point tooth, twin point tooth, long SYL heavy duty abrasion retaining pins and retaining locks, rock chisel tips



J200 SERIES CAT STYLE 200 1U3202 8E6209 8E6208 8J7525 – J225 SERIES CAT STYLE 6Y3222 6Y3228 3G9609 – J250 SERIES CAT STYLE 205 1U3252 9J2258 8E6259 – J300 SERIES CAT  STYLE 215 1U3302 9J2308 8E6259 – J350 SERIES CAT STYLE 225 1U3352 9J2358 8E6358 8E6359 – 6Y0309 1140358 1140359


Daewoo / Doosan

340 – K1005018B 705-00006 114-00246



K2 122/14 G122-14 IMP122/14 6191493M1 5010050107 212M5017 suits 16mm edge



K15 K25RC Rock chisel type K25SYL KP25


Massey Ferguson

K3 113/14 1462201M2 071005221 TEETH / SIDE CUTTER 421090013 suits 25mm edge



Solid double strap on to suit 16mm edge, single top strap bolt on 16mm, single top strap weld on to fit 16mm edge. Mini bucket tooth 16mm lip variable centres 40-45mm 192M4417



3CX TEETH AND SIDECUTTER 531/03205 531/03208 531/03209 332/C4388 332/C4389 332/C4390 suit 20mm edge


Hitachi / Fixmet

ZX130 EX135 ZX160 EX165 part number MF22U fixmet 22U tooth  FE22L / ZX180 ZX210 EX215 part number  FE24L fixmet 24U teeth MF24U / ZX230 ZX250 EX255 ZX270 EX280 EX285 FE26L MF26U / ZX330 EX350 EX355 FE28L MF28U



V19SYL V23SYL V33SYL bucket teeth V33 pins
Wear plate / Cutting edge / Toe plate / Spade edge


We can offer a wide selection of wear plates for bucket repairs either standard hardness HB290 or hardened HB420 & HB500 heat treated edges. These can be single bevel or double bevel (reversible edges) weld on or bolt on with drilled hole patterns to your spec . They come in a variety of sizes that can be cut to length some sizes available include :-

Single bevel

110×12 110×16 150×16 150×20 150×25 200×20 200×25 250×25 250×30 270×32 270×35 300×30 300×35 300×40 standard material
110×12 110×16 150×20 150×25 200×20 250×25 250×30 270×32  270×35 300×30 300×35 300×40 hard heat treated material


Double bevel

150×16 150×20 165×16 200×20 200×25 250×25 305×25 305×32 330×25 330×32 330×35 330×38 330×41 360×30 360×45 406×29 406×32 406×41 standard material


150×16 150×20 200×20 200×25 250×20 250×25 305×25 305×29 305×32 330×32 330×35 330×41 360×30 360×45 406×22 406×29 406×32 406×35 406×41 heat treated material


If you require drilled edges please measure exactly the distance between bolt centres


Side bar protectors

to suit 966 970 972 980 980C 980F 980G 992 992C 992D 992G


Half arrow edge sections

254×40 254×29 203×19 152×16


Recycling machine hammer

BANDIT BEAST BAN28514538 BAN1435745 BAN1405744CC BAN705124CC
WILIBALD WIL190123 L & R 35SC WIL190123 L & R 40SC
DOPPSTADT DOP250106110 DOP250102110 DOP605750 DOP17010056CP DOP17010056SC AR24010040/50
JENZ JEN1878780 JEN22012080 JEN2068080 JEN1008063CC JEN1008063

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