Benford Dumper Parts

Benford dumper parts are available from UK Construction Parts Ltd. Benford dumpers have been made in the UK from the early 1950’s up to 2004 they were then made by Terex and are now in the process over being taken over again. For most models made right up to present day we can offer spares to cover all the common models and many of the old faithful dumpers seen all over the world still going strong. We offer all the common items including clutches engine parts centre pin kits prop-shafts ram seal kits axle parts etc . A few Benford models we offer parts for are HD850 HD1000 PT2000 PT3000 PS3000 PT4000 PS4000 PT5000 PS5000 PT6000 PS6000 PT7000 PT9000 HD1200 and then they moved to Terex dumper models of HD1000 HD1200 TA3s TA2SEH TA2S TA3S TA3SH TA3.5SH TA5S TA6S TA2 TA2H TA3 TA3H TA5 TA6 TA7 TA9 TA10 TA1.2H TA0.8 TA1.0 TA1.2EH TA6 TA6S PS2000 PS3000 PS4000 PS5000 PS6000 3001 PT3000 PT5000 PT6000 PT7000 PT9000 to name just a few.